Release Date: 18/01/2024


Everyone would live peacefully in the idyllic Cardamom Town if it was not for the three troublemakers Casper, Jasper and Jonathan who are constantly on the prowl. Chaos rules their everyday life – also in their household. As they co-live with a lion, they are in desperate need for a housekeeper and come up with a plan to kidnap Aunt Sophie who is famous to be a domestic goddess. However, her management skills are even better than her housekeeping: She bosses the robbers around and has them do the job. Little by little, the three realize they are in a trap. The only solution is to get rid of Sophie by bringing her back to town. After another raid, they end up in jail – but when the town is in danger, the robbers have another chance to prove that bravery can make a difference!

Directed By: Rasmus A. Sivertsen