Release Date: 09/11/2017

Based upon the bestselling novel by International Emmy award-winning writer David Safier, Happy Family is an animated, action-packed, family adventure starring the Wishbone Family, who despite the title are far from happy.

Despite the title, the Wishbone family is far from happy. Mum, has a bookshop on the brink of bankruptcy, Dad Frank is totally overworked and exhausted, daughter Fay is going through those awkward teenage years as well as failing her exams and son Max is too intelligent for his own good and consequently being bullied at school – no wonder they all fight with one another all the time! And as if that wasn’t enough already, after being dragged to a ‘costume’ party by Emma, where they end up being the only ones in costume, the Wishbones then get cursed by an evil witch named Baba Yaga. Suddenly their ‘costumes’ become a reality – Emma is a vampire, Fay is a Mummy bandaged from head-to-toe, Max is a little, hairy werewolf and Frank, well he’s Frankenstein’s monster of course. It’s quite a shock but now the family must unite to find the witch and have her reverse the spell.

Dubbed in Greek.

Directed By: Holger Tappe

Cast: Konstantinos Konstantopoulos/ Drakoulas, Katerina Girgis/ Emma, Stefania Filiadi/ Feh, Nikolas Katsatsos/Max, Konstantinos Kakanas/Frank, Giannis Ifantis/ Renfild