Release Date: 15/10/2020

The Donkey King an animated family comedy for children and children at heart with a crisp run time of 105 mins.

It is an allegorical story akin to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The film traces the heroic journey of Mangu, a happy go lucky, dreamer donkey. In his quest to realize his dreams and transcend his being, Mangu accidently ends up being the “popular choice” to be the new King of Azad Nagar.

Little did he know that he was a mere pawn in the machivallaious design of Ms. Fitna(a fox) who had her ulterior motives to dethrone the Lion and prevent heir apparent from succeeding him.

Will Mangu rise to be the king he had promised to be or will he resign to being a puppet? Will Fitnasucceed in realizing her ulterior goals? Will Azad Nagar ever recover from this chaos?

The core message of the film is to inspire children and adults alike to reach their full potential, regardless of the skills and talents they are born with. Besides this, the film also serves as a 101 for kids on democratic form of government.

Directed By: Aziz Jindani