DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date: 29/05/2020

A group of spoilt, selfish pets, led by the glamour pussy cat BELLE, are stranded in their luxury hangout ‘Pampered Pets,’ when the machines that run ROBO CITY, the hypermodern metropolis that they live in, go wild and take over forcing all humans to flee for their lives. Abandoned by their owners Belle, boisterous bush pig SOPHIE and show-off, Royal Poodle RONALDO, who are used to lives of leisure and luxury, must join forces with a ‘lowly’ street dog ROGER and his buddy BOB, a banged-up, discarded emo-bot. Only as a united team of pets and strays, will this unlikely dog and cat led team be able to survive and save their homes, their city and maybe even the world.

Directed By: Reinhard Klooss