DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date: 13/09/2019

London, 18th century. Casanova, famous for his taste of pleasure and gambling, arrives from Paris, forced into exile. In this city he knows nothing about, the libertine meets on several occasions a young prostitute, Marianne de Charpillon. She attracts him to the point he starts disregarding all other women. The legendary seducer is ready to do anything to get her, but La Charpillon always escapes under various excuses. She challenges Casanova: “You will only have me if you stop desiring me!”

Long Synopsis:

Who is Casanova ? Born in the 18th Century, Venetian adventurer, Citizen of the World. Child of the Enlightenment Century, he is obsessed with the tastes of pleasure, gambling, and adventure. This last obsession leads him to London, where he has never set foot yet, a city he knows nothing about, starting with the language. The only place he knows is the one that was given to him in Paris by his friend, Cardinal de Bernis: the most famous and posh brothel in London, whose French owner is quickly going to turn himself into Casanova’s friend and “partner in crime”.

In a neighbouring park, Casanova regularly encounters with a young prostitute, who goes by the name of Charpillon, and who he will end up meeting during a country house party. He’s very attracted to her, to the point where other women don’t matter any longer. She invites him at her place, to have sex together – he thinks, whereas she only proposes him to partner into a nebulous and wooly matter (the fabrication of a “life balm”). He’s willing to participate, only to achieve his carnal aim, but she manages to shy away from it. And she’ll continue to do so, whenever possible, under every potential excuse, all the more diverse and inventive.

Charpillon faces Casanova with a challenge that could drive him mad : he will have her only when he stops lusting after her.

Directed By: Benoît Jacquot

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Stacy Martin, Valeria Golino , Julia Roy, Nancy Tate