Tanweer Alliances, was founded in 2007 by its President Joseph Samaan. The company started being active in film and TV distribution in Greece and Cyprus in 2012. Using the backing and experience of Tanweer Group, Alliances became a profitable distribution company, by managing to acquire and distribute independent Hollywood films, from top sales agents.

Additionally it closed TV deals with most of the key players in the region of Greece and Cyprus (OTE TV, ALPHA TV, SKAI, EDT, SIGMA TV, etc.) and co-produced feature films with Cyprus and Sweden. Moreover, Tanweer Alliances is developing strategic partnerships with leading distributors in most of the Eastern European countries including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Czech Republic.

Tanweer Alliances has released over twenty theatrical titles including: «The Legend of Hercules», «Fading Gigolo», «Chef», «Snowpiercer», «The Call» and «Le Weekend». Some of its upcoming theatrical titles are: «Nightcrawler», «The November Man» and «The Coup».

Having in its portfolio a strong catalogue of 250 feature films, within two years of substantial activity, Tanweer Alliances has just announced its strategic partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, the leading production and distribution movie studio around the world.

Beginning on the 1st of January 2015, Tanweer Alliances S.A. undertook the distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures for the Greek market. The partnership between the two companies includes the significant part of the Home Entertainment sector, with the distribution of the theatrical and television content of Warner Bros. Pictures and its subsidiaries.

Via its strategic partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and the local distribution of independent films, Tanweer Alliances steps into the Greek market strongly and ambitiously. Its goal is to offer premium quality entertainment in all sectors of the industry, focusing on the theatrical distribution sector and at the same time developing the significant and active division of home entertainment (DVD/ BLU-RAY, TV, VOD etc.)

The President of Tanweer Alliances, Joseph Samaan, has been elected Vice President of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce since 2005. Mr. Samaan has been a guest speaker at various conferences and festivals such as the Arab European Business Forum, MIP and MIPCOM. He was subsequently involved in numerous trade missions, seminars and summits with prominent and leading representatives of both public and private sectors across the Middle East, Europe, India & SAARC and the Americas.

His involvement with the distribution sector dates back to 1985. His outstanding reputation throughout international marketplaces is mainly attributed to the steady establishment and maintenance of strategic alliances and partnerships with the most important companies of the entertainment business, including Warner Bros. Pictures, Disney-ABC, ESPN International, Lakeshore International, Lionsgate International, Discovery International, ITV, Weinstein, FilmNation, Voltage, Sierra Affinity, NU Image, and many more, in various territories, both in the Middle East and other Asian countries, like Turkey, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives etc.